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build your own colour picker

Alan Dix

Make a custom colour picker URL

You will probably build some of this in your own scripts, in particular setting the default colour to the current colour of whatever it is you need to set. However, to get you started you can fill in your values below and see what your colour picker will look like.

title for the page
message displayed on the page
current/default colour e.g #FF00FF
this will often be set by a script to be the current colour for something
url to return to when the colour is chosen
this url will have &name=colour added to it
name of parameter to add to return url
defaults to "colour_chosen"
url to return to if the user cancels this page
defaults to "return&cancelPick=cancel&name=defcolour"
target frame for return url, usually blank
language - currently only en - English (default) or us - US English
used to decide whether to use 'colour' or 'color' in messages Alan Dix © 2001/2005