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Life Counter

Alan Dix

The life counter lets you put a second counter on your web site counting the seconds since your birth ... or from some other time such as your PhD, first kiss, ...

It puts things in perspective when we see our lives go through the billion second mark and tumble apparently ever onwards.

Perhaps you might like to celebrate your 100 million birth-seconds (about every 3 years, but never on the same date) or your big birth seconds at a billion and 2 billion (about 30 and 60 years).

Make your own life counter

1. Enter your birth date (or other significant date!):
2. Enter your birth time (if known):
3. Choose size:

about lifecounter

about lifecounter

about lifecounter
4. Press 'Go!' to make your life counter


read about slow time - looking at timescales measured in nanohertz

and in all those seconds how much do you see and hear? see my back of the envelope calculations of the memory needed for a complete AV record of your life "the ultimate interface and the sums of life?"

I've been interested in time as an interface phenomena for many years; see my research pages on time in the interface.


time machine

what was happening in the past?

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